for those who don’t know/don’t speak arabic or an east african language, the word i used in my text post about bodyshaming (“sharmoota”) means prostitute. slut or whore. lol.  #nowyouknow. it’s quite a disgusting word, needless to say, i hate it.

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oh yeah and Kendrick was the most attractive midget on stage. actually, he is the most attractive midget in the world right now. 

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when bodyshaming & policing women is in your family

i was watching the iheart radio awards for some reason and the entire time my mom and sister were commenting on the bodies clothes hair dancing of basically every black woman and woc performing or presenting. they literally had something bad to say about Bey, Rih, JLo, and all the women dancers on stage for various performances (especially for Pharrell’s). body shaming slut shaming curvy shaming butt shaming dance shaming lipstick shaming hair shaming. i swaer to God. so much internalized sexism and policing of women. they were even calling Rih and JLo sharmoota. i thought Rihanna ROCKED her outfit! and her green lipstick+hair?? Lawd! 
idk how i was born into this family sometimes, wallahi my beliefs about things are so radically different. the worst part is having to lie and pretend like you agree when in reality you don’t. cuz i thought all the woc onstage were flipping gorgeous, badass, and awesome. inside i was just saying “yaaaas! slayyyyy!!” to myself tho. lol.

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Boys bathrooms are generally cleaner than girls bathrooms and I always wonder why.

Nooooo. I work at a coffee shop and the men bathroom is ALWAYS dirty as shit. Women are cleaner.

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